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Welcome to X100K!


Total Paid to Members

  It's not to late! In fact it's never to late to join X100K! Established since 2014, X100K is the flagship of
I-Affiliate Marketing Inc. Founded by 2 entrepreneurs that wanted to make a difference. X100K has
surpassed some of the biggest MLM companies over it's life. 100's of programs come and go, but X100K is still here!

X100K is a unique oportunity for you to get cash back advertising that is affordable and fun!
We provide some of the best niche advertising available. This only makes your membership in
X100K an exciting opportunity. Every 3 months we offer a new opportunity to our members.
Each launch gives members the opportunity to get in first and generate income.
In under 4 years, X100K has paid out over $1.5 Milllion to it's members. Now it's time that YOU got your chance!


You're EARLY! That's one of the great things about X100K. You're never late, your early! This is because we offer
a new opportunity to our members every 3 months. We also offer a loyalty program that has proven to be invaluable to members that are loyal.
X100K is free to join. Our system will take you from a Free member to a Pro member. Help
you to build loyalty and provide you with more opportunity for sucess. With a new launch just around the corner,
now is the time to join.

Our Next Launch:

Name: PRO 5

Launching the week of August 22 - August 28, 2018

Details: 2x8 Company Forced Matrix
Purchase value: $7.00 -PRO Subscription.
Level Completion Payments-

Level 1: $7.00
Level 2: $1.00
Level 3: $2.00
Level 4: $3.00
Level 5: $4.00
Level 6: $18.00
Level 7: $35.00
Level 8: $330.00

TOTAL: $400.00 for a full matrix

Sponsor Commission: $25 for Completed Matrix

Advertising purchase:
500 Text ad impressions
1,500 Banner ad impressions

Complete a PRO 5 matrix and get 800 Login ad views!


Entries on Completion:
1 entry to Feeder Matrix
1 entry to X100K
1 entry to Pro 4
3 entries to Scavenger 5



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